Our Research

The projects underway focus on developing new analytical platforms and involve aspects of diverse disciplines ranging from materials chemistry to chemical biology and nanotechnology.

Biomolecular Sensors

The detection of a molecular analytes and use of this type of information for disease diagnosis requires methods with high sensitivity and specificity. We are developing new analytical methods with these properties that will permit the direct readout of nucleic acid sequences and protein biomarkers. Chip-based sensors made from nanomaterials play an important role in this effort, as detection sensitivity is greatly enhanced when measurements are performed at the nanoscale.  Our aim is to generate detection systems applicable to the diagnosis of cancer, infectious disease and other disease states

Rare/Single Cell Analysis

Our work focuses on the development and application of new technology platforms that allow single cell level information to be collected on billions of cells with a high level of throughput. We have applied our approaches to cell profiling to the development of assays for liquid biopsy, disease screening, cell therapy development and therapeutic target discovery.

Intracellular Molecular Delivery

Controlling the intracellular localization of synthetic molecules is essential for effective drug development. Delivering molecules into cells can be made more precise with vectors that direct intracellular cargo to particular compartments. Our work has focused on mitochondrial targeting with a versatile peptide based vector that promotes efficient cellular uptake and strong mitochondrial localization.

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