Intracellular Molecular Delivery

Delivering molecules into cells can be made more precise with vectors that direct intracellular cargo to particular compartments. Our work has focused on mitochondrial targeting with a versatile peptide based vector that promotes efficient cellular uptake and strong mitochondrial localization.

Microscopic view of cells

Mitochondrial Drug Delivery

Using a peptide-based delivery vector that can carry reactive cargo into the mitochondria of live mammalian cells, we have delivered clinically-utilized anticancer drugs that typically act within the nucleus. This approach has elucidated a variety of interesting activities for mitochondrially-localized probes. We’ve also shown that mitochondrial delivery can detoxify antimicrobials within human cells by sequestering the drugs within this organelle.

Infographic showing mitochondria-specific DNA damage and siRNA knockdown of DNA repair or replication factors

Mitochondrial Probes for the Discovery of New Organelle-Specific Activities

Mitochondrial probes also enable high-throughput screening for new organelle-specific factors. Using siRNA or CRISPR/Cas-based screening to knockdown factors in the nucleus that may function in mitochondria, synergistic effects can be detected in the presence of a mt-targeted probe. This type of analysis has allowed us to identify new factors that are key players in mitochondrial function.

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