Rare/Single Cell Analysis

Our work focuses on the development and application of new technology platforms that allow single cell level information to be collected on billions of cells with a high level of throughput. We have applied our approaches to cell profiling to the development of assays for liquid biopsy, disease screening, cell therapy development and therapeutic target discovery.

Cell Therapy Development

The ability to sort through billions of cells allows us to identify cellular subpopulations with elevated potency profiles and eliminate potentially harmful cells. Our approach allows the identification of very rare cells and enables deep profiling of therapeutic phenotypes.

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“Efficient recovery of potent tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes through quantitative immunomagnetic cell sorting.”

Nature Biomedical Engineering, 2022, doi: 10.1038/s41551-021-00820-y

Therapeutic Target Discovery

Identifying rare cells in CRISPR-edited libraries allows us to find regulators of disease phenotypes and discover new molecular mechanisms that can be used for therapeutic discovery.

Liquid Biopsy and Cancer Diagnostics

By searching for rare tumor and immune cells in the bloodstream, we can extract signatures that provide molecular-level details relevant to patient staging and treatment. This capability can be used to develop “liquid biopsy” approaches for noninvasive cancer testing as well as screening and diagnostic approaches that analyze rare cells.

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